The Secondary Lead

I admit, I had some fun with the name.  Although not intrinsically transparent, it exemplifies the main objective of this blogspot, all the while incorporating baseball terminology to satisfy some of my own self-indulgence.

In baseball, a secondary lead can be defined as any movement that creates momentum toward the next base for when the ball is put in play.  If you apply this definition to real estate, your secondary lead is the momentum created through preparation prior to buying or selling that enables you to procure your next home (i.e. “next base”).  That is exactly the purpose of The Secondary Lead.

Everything posted and shared on this site will be acutely focused on various topics and situations that could arise during the real estate process.  All thoughts are my own, however this is not meant to be an op-ed forum.  I will provide factual and reliable content that is intended to spark inquisitive thought for you as a buyer or seller.  I will also focus on the quality and relevancy of the content – no fluff, nobody has time for that…

Hopefully this space will become a resource for you to better understand yourself as a buyer/seller, and myself as your realtor… Not just another social media page containing mindless posts of shared articles and retweets.

Let’s go… Chris


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